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malignant adj
1 dangerous to health; characterized by progressive and uncontrolled growth (especially of a tumor) [ant: benign]
2 extremely malevolent or malicious; "the malignant tongues of gossipers" [syn: malevolent]

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  • /məˈlɪgnənt/


  1. Harmful, malevolent, injurious.
  2. Harmfully cancerous; as, a malignant tumor.

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harmful, malevolent, injurious
  • Dutch: kwaadaardig
  • Finnish: pahantahtoinen, vahingollinen
  • German: bösartig
  • Hungarian: rosszindulatú
oncology: harmfully cancerous
  • Finnish: pahanlaatuinen
  • German: bösartig, malign
  • Hungarian: rosszindulatú

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Malignant (from the Latin roots mal- = "bad" and -genus = "born") is a medical term used to describe a severe and progressively worsening disease. The term is most familiar as a description of cancer. A malignant tumor may be contrasted with a non-cancerous benign tumor in that a malignancy is not self-limited in its growth, is capable of invading into adjacent tissues, and may be capable of spreading to distant tissues (metastasizing), while a benign tumor has none of those properties. Uses of "malignant" in oncology:
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

acrid, allergic, anemic, antagonistic, antipathetic, apoplectic, arthritic, atrocious, baleful, baneful, barbaric, barbarous, belligerent, bestial, bilious, bitchy, bitter, bloody, brutal, brutish, cancerous, catching, caustic, chlorotic, clashing, colicky, colliding, communicable, conflicting, consumptive, contagious, corroding, corrosive, corrupting, corruptive, counterproductive, cussed, damaging, deadly, death-bringing, deathful, deathly, deleterious, despiteful, destructive, detrimental, devilish, diabolical, disadvantageous, disserviceable, distressing, dropsical, dyspeptic, edematous, encephalitic, envenomed, epileptic, evil, fatal, feral, ferine, ferocious, fiendish, fierce, full of hate, harmful, hateful, hostile, hurtful, infectious, infective, inhuman, iniquitous, injurious, internecine, invidious, kill-crazy, killing, laryngitic, leprous, lethal, luetic, malarial, malefic, maleficent, malevolent, malicious, malign, mean, measly, mephitic, merciless, miasmal, miasmatic, miasmic, mischievous, mortal, murderous, nasty, nephritic, neuralgic, neuritic, noisome, noncivilized, noxious, ominous, ornery, palsied, paralytic, pernicious, pestiferous, pestilential, phthisic, pitiless, pleuritic, pneumonic, pocky, podagric, poisonous, prejudicial, quarrelsome, rachitic, rancorous, repugnant, rheumatic, rickety, ruthless, sanguinary, savage, scatheful, scorbutic, scrofulous, set against, sore, spiteful, tabetic, tabid, tameless, toxic, toxicant, toxiferous, tubercular, tuberculous, tumorigenic, tumorous, uncivilized, ungentle, untamed, venenate, veneniferous, venenous, venomous, vicious, virulent, vitriolic, wicked, wild
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